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Sale for server opening!.

  • March

  • 19

  • Prison Maintenance

  • Owner | VogelSpotter

Prison Maintenance!

Prison will go under maintenance, we will fix alot of bugs so the server is playable. Also we need testers to test the server! Are you interested? Contact us through discord or via the forum! Click on 'KEEP READING' to go to the forum page!

  • March

  • 18

  • Contentcreators Needed!

  • Owner | VogelSpotter

Contentcreators Needed!

Hello, are you a contentcreator? Or do you know a contentcreator? Consider making content for our server! We are searching for streamers and video creators. If you are interested please contact us on the forum!

  • February

  • 29

  • Forum Online

  • Owner | VogelSpotter

Forum Online

Our forums are online! Besides Discord we now have Forums! You can talk with other players out of the community. You can sync your account with the server by using the command /linkaccount in the server! Click on 'KEEP READING' to go to the forums or click on 'Forum' in the navigation tab.

  • February

  • 22

  • Maintenance Over

  • Owner | VogelSpotter

Maintenance Over

Maintenance is over, so you can join the server again! We released 3 gamemodes, Skyblock, Prison and Survival. If you find any bugs, please report them in our discord server!

  • February

  • 20

  • Maintenance

  • Owner | VogelSpotter


Servers will go into maintenance, we will fix multiple gamemodes, there will be a Skyblock reset because we have a completely new Skyblock setup for you guys :) Prison will open in a bit but we changed alot, so the maps will be completely different from the screenshots in #sneakpeak (discord channel). Survival will stay for now but we will add alot of things so players actually like the survival server. We will remove alot of gamemodes but we want to stay small for now so we can focus on only this 3 gamemodes. Maintenance starts today, it will end this week. We hope before the weekend but we cannot promise this.

  • February

  • 05

  • New Gamemodes

  • Manager | MegaCoin

New Gamemodes

Since our budget has expanded we decided to buy more RAM for our server, meaning that a new gamemode, perhaps even gamemodes can be implemented into our network. So instead of taking a spin at the big wheel of gamemodes and picking one at random, we decided to let the community suggest a gamemode they'd like to see implemented and see where it leads us. Please submit a gamemode you'd like to see on our network in the discord #suggestions channel. We're looking forward to your submissions.

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